We are a fun community of women who support each other, moms who sport the mug around often, young ladies that use this drink as an accessory to every outfit and entrepreneurs. Hi! If you love meeting new faces, like the quaint nature of small communities and friendships, you’re in the right place.

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Coffee Addict Mama

Was created by a 30 something NY gal who’s family practically lives off of coffee. It originated from IG where she loved sharing coffee pics. A background in networking made her want to start an online community where coffee addicts connect, and share their everyday life experiences. Whether you’re a mom or not, this is a place for everyone that loves the drink, rock star barista’s and those that enjoy engaging in conversation.

Do you ever walk into a local Starbucks and feel awkward? Perhaps even a little stressed, because of all the coffee offerings, public meetings, loud conversations, and strangers ‘eye-balling’ you? Well, here’s our solution. YOUR very own on-line coffee shop community! Come on in, grab a cup of joe, and introduce yourself (without all of those above mentioned stresses). The idea is for you to strike up conversations with people near and far (in real time), from the comforts of your home or office. Sounds cool, right? We hope so. Just pull up a chair, say hi, and meet new folks. Welcome in!

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Coffee Lovers Gonna Love

Overall this will be a website that you can find related topics and feel comfortable coming to because…..well, there are no strings attached. You can comment if you wish, stalk or just grab a recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

If you like to blog, own a small business, wish to make some new friends, send us a profile pic and we’ll add it to our members page where we will share a link to your site. Follow our IG and FB page where we feature a new coffee addict mama daily. Be sure to use the hashtag #coffeeaddictmama to get showcased.

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